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I’m so thrilled you’re here and want to step out of your comfort zone. I’m here to help make things a little less awkward for you. I admire women who choose to stand alone and embrace who they are. As a daughter of the king, I want to help you realize your worth. Stretch marks, beauty marks, scars and all.  You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are badass. 


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OMG it was amazing! Bri and the girls were so awesome at hyping me up and helping me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into the studio. It was so cool to get a fun taste for boudoir since I had never done it before. I feel so badass and see myself in a different light even just from the few pictures I’ve gotten back so far! 🖤


GIRL! I am so thankful for doing this shoot! I feel SUPER empowered! I struggle with feeling beautiful, but Brianna knew exactly what to do throughout the shoot. She made sure things I wanted were enhanced, but also that things were hidden. I am SO happy right now!


"Where do I begin? I was made to feel like the queen I am. Any time I said anything remotely negative about myself I was called out on it, and then received a ton of good feedback, which built me up. I was surrounded by positivity, genuine care and love. Brianna is a genius with the camera and captures you in your most vulnerable and beautiful moments - I don’t know how she does it! Thank you so much for this experience. It has given me my confidence back, and has allowed me to see myself as I am; strong, beautiful and capable."


Lingerie on bed at Juniper Loft for Boudoir Session

My experience with Brianna made me feel prepared and empowered from the first call. Brianna has a unique way with words in her emails and prep guide that gets you super excited and feeling gorgeous no matter what body type you have. In the studio you feel like everyone loves this work! Providing refreshments and my favorite drink of choice was a special bonus to make me feel welcome. Brianna and her team take the time to ensure you look great in each pose & made me feel like each picture of me was going to be gorgeous.


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Boudoir Preparations Tips & Tricks

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