February 23, 2021

9 Different Outfits To Rock At Your Session That is NOT Lingerie



Not into lingerie but want to do a boudoir session? No problem.  You don’t NEED to be wearing lingerie to feel sexy or empowered. Modesty empowers some, amd nudity empowers others. Picking an outfit for your boudoir session is all about finding something YOU are comfortable in. If you don’t feel comfortable or sexy in lingerie, don’t wear it! Here are some (honestly inexpensive) options for you to try out for your upcoming boudoir session to help you get a stand out result!


1) Ripped Jeans + Bralette

Rocking ripped jeans with a cute bralette or even to top at all is always a favorite of mine. Leaving the jeans unbuttoned adds some spice and mystery.

2) Fishnets & A Crop Top

WOW. This is one that I feel like isn’t as common as they should be. Fishnets aren’t usually my go-to but DANG! They honestly look so amazing. They help shape and define your legs, and can  disguise any bumps, scars or stretch marks you want to hide. Paired with a crop top and you’ve got the perfect angsty look.

3) Just The Sheets

Feeling more daring? This might just be perfect for you. It’s mysterious yet sexy, because your covered, yet exposed at the same time.Leave somethings to the imagination and just rock some sheets for your session and you’ll get some drool worthy photos!

4) Cosy Sweater & socks

This is something that will never go out of style. It’s casual yet sexy and comfortable. It will help you come out of your shell and set the stage for the rest of your session.


5) Workout Clothes

muse casandra on the leaning on the back of couch wearing fabletics work out wear.

I’ll admit, I was nervous when Casandra pulled this out of her bag at the beginning of her session, but as soon as she put it on, all that crossed my mind was “Damn, okkaaayyyy!”  I was shocked how amazing and sexy workout clothes can be!

6) Silk or Lace Robe

muse kneeling on floor leaning back wearing a sheer star lace boho robe

Okay, but like seriously how cool is this robe? I literally gasped when she pulled it out. Robes can be worn on their own, like pictured above, or paired with some sort of lingerie if you want. Not matter how you style it, it’s definitely a favorite of mine!

7) Jean or Leather Jacket

muse peering out back porch windows wearing lingerie and jean jacket

The perfect accessory to add some edge to your session. There’s so many ways we can play with and style a jacket. Add it on top of your favorite lingerie piece or honestly go nude under! Both are great options for spicing it up!

8) Gold Leaf

Add some sparkle to your set with some magical gold leaf. You will get all the heart eyes emojis with these photos in your gallery! Such a stunning and unique way to showcase your body. You can wear them bare or pair them with your favorite pair of jeans. You really can’t go wrong!

9) Your Birthday Suit

rocking the birthday suit and hand bra. model in the nude


This one’s for the more bold and daring and for those a little bit more comfortable in their skin and not afraid to show it off. Choosing to Pose nude can be incredibly scary, but so bold and daring you’re forced to see yourself in a new light. It’s vulnerable, but so dang beautiful. I promise to keep it classy and artistic when shooting with me to make sure you feel like the goddess you are.





In conclusion, no matter what you feel sexy and empowered in, it’ll always make a great outfit for your photos. It is up to you and your comfort level to either bare it all or stay more modest. No matter what you decided to wear, you will be made to feel like a badass and that you’re worthy of all the love that you give to others. Stay true to who you are and only pick things you are comfortable with and we’ll be able to create some magic with my camera. Just remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS!