May 10, 2023

Boudoir Photography Content Day for Photographers | The Hive House Studio | June 2023

In June 2023, I got to host my second boudoir photography content day for local boudoir photographers. This was such a fun way to build community and to help local photographers to get some content to be able to share. Most clients want privacy with their photos and we as photographers want to respect that, but. it can be difficult to bring in new clients with nothing to share. We had about 9 photographers come out to shoot and had 3 different set ups. I absolutely love being able to host and attend social events like this in the industry as being a photo business owner can get quite lonely as you are only working with yourself. I believe it’s important to get out, get in community with other locals who do similar work to you and build friendships and meet up regularly. And in this day & age, it’s becoming few and far between. For the studio, we used The Hive House Studio in downtown Stillwater. It is the perfect place to host these events as it has a lot of space for this many people and great setups with natural light. I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for hourly studio rentals!

Alrighty, Let’s get into it!