Are You Ready for your Debut?

Become a Luxury Boudoir Ambassador with Brianna Lane Boudoir and join my Bad Babes Club


What Even is an Ambassador??

You will be the face of Brianna Lane Boudoir. Representing our values and helping other lovely souls in our community. You believe in my work and what I do so much that you are driven to spread the word and convince others to step out of their comfort zone, to help other women realize their worth. An Ambassador's job is to radiate love, joy and positivity about all things boudoir and about what I do here at Brianna Lane Boudoir on a regular basis.


Let's make this benefit the both of us

  • Pay a one-time admin fee of $300 at the start of your term. (this covers payments for events)
  • Must be in the Facebook VIP group.
  • Share your images on social media (minimum of 1 per week).
  • Interact with & share my posts on Facebook and Instagram to help spread the word.
  • Sign a full model release for photos to be shared online, in print and in magazines.
  • Commenting on posts and answering questions in my VIP Facebook group.
  • Must post daily in my VIP group. (I can give you some ideas)
  • Supporting women of all body types. – Stepping in if you see negative self talk , eg. “I’m too fat for a session”
  • Invite at least 25 of your Facebook friends to our VIP Facebook Group.
  • Must not use session images for royalties (ex: commercial work, Only Fans, Patreon, etc.) Doing so will terminate your contract and yield an invoice sent to you for your sessions
  • Sharing your photos with other women & encouraging them to book a session.
  • Write 2 blog posts on the topic of your choosing.
  • Work exclusively with Brianna Lane Boudoir and not represent or use any other photographer for boudoir photography during the term of this contract.
  • Leave positive reviews on Facebook and Google
  •  Must be willing and able to provide the studio with 1 booked referral You will be given prizes for each referral booked, maxing out at 10.

Ambassador Perks:

What’s in it for you??

If the above sounds like you and you want to know more, read on to learn more about what it takes to represent Brianna Lane Boudoir and how it will benefit you!

You Will Receive:

∙ Ambassador welcome gift bag.
∙ Custom prizes for each client your refer that books, maxing out at 10 clients. Think mani/pedis, massages, facials, and other luxury goods and services. 
∙ 4 shoots over yours 1 year contract with 10 photos from each session. 
∙ A 6×6 boudoir album including all photos you have received from the year at the end of 2022.
∙ 25% off all products offered.
∙ girls nights / boudoir events (not guaranteed, but want to celebrate you guys!)
∙ Special Birthday Photoshoot for your birthday

I just have one more question...

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Are you all in??

Apply up now to become a Brianna Lane Boudoir brand ambassador!