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“ I did a boudoir session and going into it I was a little nervous as I have been sexually abused in the past so I didn’t know if this would trigger me, how comfortable I’d actually feel being photographed, and how much I’d actually enjoy it, if at all. But can I just say, praise the lord, it was better than I ever could have hoped for!! I had so much fun and felt so comfortable and just sexy and empowered the whole time! The session is going to be a gift for my husband, but in the moment it was a gift for me like a celebration taking a stance for self love and victory!! Brianna was so encouraging throughout making me feel extra comfortable and enjoying every minute!”

- Miss N -

Bri was incredibly adept at taking all of my awkwardness and shyness and converting it into my freest, fiery, purest, passionate self. I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to move my body right, pose correctly, bring the right clothes, make the right smile. But she quickly put me at ease, and I felt I was able to be myself in the most liberating way I may have ever experienced.

- emma -

Brianna was fabulous and made it easy to feel comfortable right away. And I really did feel gorgeous, confident, and sexy during the whole session. To be comfortable and proud in my own skin, if only for a short time, was exhilarating! If you feel like you could use a little self-confidence boost or just want to have some fun, Brianna will make sure you have a very lovely experience as they shower you will compliments and make you feel completely deserving, because you are! Give yourself some love. :)

- Miss D -

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Lingerie on bed at Juniper Loft for Boudoir Session

boudoir session prep

What the heck do I wear?

model in black body suit laying on white couch at the Juniper Loft in Minneapolis

Boudoir Preparations Tips & Tricks

Getting Ready For Boudoir with Angela Morris Makeup