March 6, 2022

Miss Mikayla’s Third Boudoir Experience with Brianna Lane Boudoir // Stillwater, Minnesota

The first time you come to the studio, you’re unsure, incredibly nervous and even scared to be vulnerable in front of someone you barely know. As we get started you quickly become at ease and start to think “oh hey, this isn’t so bad” and fully come out of your shell by the end of your session. You really get into the groove of things and walk away with some beautiful images, and see yourself in a whole new light.

By your second shoot, your worries are gone, you’re itching to feel the high again you got from your last session and are ready to feel beautiful and badass.  You come in ready to roll and are full of ideas. You absolutely rock your session and get to walk away with some amazing photos that really show off your confidence.

You had so much fun you have to come back for a third session, and now you’re a pro. You know exactly what to do and what to expect. You’re ready to jump in and show off your new outfits. Things come naturally to you now and your really feeling yourself! This time you get photos that are you can’t believe are you, yet show exactly who you knew you were all along. This boudoir journey has transformed your self worth and identity and has helped you become the version of yourself your younger self had only dreamed of. Confident, self assured and unapologetically you. And now, you’re dreaming up and planning your next session and I can’t wait to work with you again. 



Studio: The Hive House 
Hair & Makeup: Allure By Andi


I would like to book for my birthday


I’ll shoot you an email but best way to inquire is through the contact page! Thanks Jessica!!