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May 23rd, 2021

Stillwater, Minnesota

Our vision for this workshop

Boudoir photography can be a powerful tool for celebration, healing and sensual liberation. When a boudoir client enters your studio, they should feel safe to be brave, vulnerable and playful, no matter who they are. EVERYONE deserves to feel seen, loved, and uplifted.

Boudoir is also quickly becoming a big business. As the medium grows, it is important that the values of inclusivity and empowerment are never lost. Angela and I have a heart for making sure that boudoir sessions remain a sacred space, for clients and boudoir professionals alike. We are passionate about focusing more on the experience rather than the product, and helping you build a flourishing, trustworthy boudoir business you can be proud of – and your clients will enthusiastically recommend to others.

Meet Your Educators

the boudoir dream team

Sound Familiar??

"I want to offer this to my brides but am intimidated by the whole process."

"I'd love to offer boudoir, but I don't know how to pose people properly."

"I don't know how to get boudoir clients."

"How do I diversify my portfolio in a way that's not tokenizing?"

"No one wants to sign a model release, how can I showcase my work?"

"I want to do more than just taking pretty photos, but not sure how to make that happen."

We’re here to help! Let us help you to step out of fear and into your life as a badass boudoir entrepreneur.



My Philosophy

Learn my heart behind boudoir and why I do what I do.
Why boudoir is so much more than pretty pictures of pretty people. It changes hearts, brings healing, offers connection, and welcomes people to come home to themselves.


Posing + Lighting

Learn my tips and tricks for boudoir posing, and the secrets to taking your photography to the next level.
I teach you how to utilize lighting to your advantage to create the most captivating images.


Evolution of Boudoir

Angela will dive deep into the history of boudoir as a male-dominated fine art form, how it made a renaissance in the modern day, and how we can create a future where we make it our own, our way – without co-signing societal demands that cause harm.


Marketing for a Better Boudoir

Angela will dive deep into traditional marketing tactics. How they are hurting the boudoir community and why we have to do our business differently. How we can be better.


Brianna's Workflow

Take a peek into Brianna’s entire process, from the initial inquiry to session to product delivery.
See how she incorporates a high-end experience to truly pamper her clients, while maintaining profitability and avoiding burnout.


Why Inclusivity Matters

Empowerment for EVERYbody. Angela will dive deep into why inclusivity is important and how to diversify your portfolio.


And More

There is so much we are going to cover and highlight with our workshop but if you feel like there is anything in particular you need help with that isn't highlighted above, please feel to drop a suggestion!





- * 30 Min 1-on-1 mentoring with Brianna
- * Print out & digital copy of Angela's "Embrace" Workbook
- * 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Angela Morris
- Lunch Included
- Professional Headshots RAWS *
- Styled Shoot





- Lunch Included
- Professional Headshots
- Styled Shoot
- Digital Version of Angela's "Embrace" Workbook





- Lunch Included
- Professional Headshots
- Styled Shoot
- Digital Version of Angela's "Embrace" Workbook


*Available for only 48 hours after launch*

Introducing the Worthy + Badass Scholarship

A portion of every booking will go towards this scholarship to provide a spot for a worthy boudoir badass, who needs financial support from the boudoir community in order to attend.

Apply for the Scholarship

once our 6 spots are booked up, we will hand select a deserving person to have the chance to join in and learn from the Boudoir Dream Team

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